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Über 77 Bombay Street

Since 2008, the four Swiss brothers Matt (38), Joe (36), Esra (34) and Simri (30) have been playing folky hippy-pop songs. Together with the whole family consisting of six boys, one girl and two parents, they were busking and travelling around Australia for two years. When they came back to Switzerland, they missed playing music together. So the four brothers founded 77 Bombay Street, named after a street in Adelaide where they used to live. Until 2015, they have released three albums, have won several awards and have been one of the best selling bands in Switzerland. During the last three years they finished their studies, managed a bar and hostel and wrote new songs. Now they’re back with the first single “Drifters In The Wind” from their upcoming 4th album, due for release in late summer 2021.