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You love Switzerland?

The Fondu's family presents its new products. Fondu, Bernard, Laine, Montagne, Blanchette & Choconoir will be there to support you and give you the smile and joy.

The Fondu’s family is a contemporary family, composed of Fondu, Blanchette, Choconoir, Bernard, Laine and Montagne. The Fondu’s family live in Switzerland, a small country in the heart of Europe. The various landscapes are grandiose and breathtaking, with invigorating pure air. From the plateau where are located a number of cosmopolitan urban centers to the Alpine summits, some of which are over 4000m high, there are vast forests, many different sized lakes, cascades, glaciers and deep valleys. In the Fondu’s family, everyone participates in the daily life either by going to work, caring for the home or by helping their parents. The tasks are shared as fairly and evenly as possible. Fondu's parents have taught him to respect himself as well as others. This notion of respect allows the family to have a serene foresight about the future while staying linked to traditional values. Their greatest happiness is the family spirit.

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